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At Kamen & Co. Group Services, we look at print, digital and broadcast media business entities realistically. Our valuation reports take all relevant factors into consideration, not just gross revenue streams, expenses and markets of saturation. Each property is different and operated unlike any other. A realistic and fair assessment of the individual challenges and opportunities for each publication must be made independently. Regardless of the situation – whether you require a stock valuation, asset appraisal or have a tax requirement – Kamen & Co. has the expertise and professional experience to confidentially and comprehensively meet your specific needs when you require a valuation report.

Our valuations provide benchmarks for purchase agreements, financing requirements, court depositions, employee incentive programs, structured business plans and estate tax purposes. We are often engaged by attorneys, lenders, buyers, sellers, accounting firms, CFOs, tax directors, controllers and investigators. We’re credible, known and have a long record of successfully assisting with complex contracts, negotiations, valuations, case preparation and litigation support. We provide unbiased, independent testimony regarding print, digital and broadcast media valuations in legal actions as well as for bankruptcy-related issues. Our valuation reports are concise, objective and offer financial projections.

  • Book, Newspaper, Shopper, Video Game & Magazine Valuations Across Every Channel & Platform
  • Recognized Experts Based in Uniondale, New York
  • Depth of Experience = 40 Years
  • Mergers & Acquisitions Across All Publishing, Broadcast & Entertainment Sectors
  • Confidential & Personal Services Whether Family or Corporate Clientele

Want to Sell Your Book, Newspaper, Magazine, Shopper, Video Game or Directory Publishing Company? Our Clients Trust Us and We Stay Involved to the End of Every Transaction. We Understand and Assist With Navigating the Difficulties Associated With Each Transaction. We Know Buyers & Sellers and Work Hard to Ensure Our Clients’ Best Interests are Always Brought to the Table & Addressed in a Professional Manner.

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