There’s A Reason Publishers Call Kamen & Co.

Because Helping Publishers Is Our Business!

Kamen & Co. Group Services is dedicated to offering confidential, professional and caring services to you and your valuable publication. We have decades of firsthand experience dealing with quality newspapers, shoppers and magazines and we can help you!


Our professional and knowledgeable staff will provide you with a personalized market valuation of your publication. The report is comprehensive, accurate and averages 20 pages. Reports generally take 45 business days to complete once we receive your documents at our New York headquarters.

Customized Brokering

Want to sell? Need to sell? Your publication is more than likely worth a substantial amount of money. You have worked hard to build and develop your print-media business. Kamen & Co. will put you at ease and walk you through each step of the process. From appraising the publication to coordinating a winning sales strategy to actually selling to a qualified buyer.

Management Consulting

Do you require direction and professional guidance? Kamen & Co. has the answers. We will assist you with creative, cost-effective and decisive strategies that can help better develop your publishing company. Need us to run and operate your publication for you? We would be delighted to help.

Formal Business Plans

Many publishers think that the only reason to develop a Formal Business Plan is to convince potential lenders or investors to provide financial backing. This view is short-sighted. Our firm will create a well-developed plan that can serve as one of your most important management tools. A good plan will provide a blueprint and step-by-step instructions for how to translate your valued publication into a profitably marketed print-media product.

Business Analysis

Whether you’re just starting out in the publishing industry or you’re a veteran of the trade, our professional experts can help you organize all of the pieces that will have to come together to make your newspaper a success. Kamen & Co. will analyze your operation and recommend constructive mechanisms that will help you to better manage your publishing company. We will identify the essential actions that must be taken and set clear timetables for accomplishing them. We will analyze the factors, both internal and external, that affect your newspaper operations.

Circulation Development

Need more visibility? Need to expand your distribution? Need to hire an independent distribution team? Would you like to convert from free to paid distribution? Or perhaps from PM to AM delivery? Interested in a bulk distribution program for local senior centers, hospitals, schools and transportation systems? We have the knowledge and experience to help make it happen.

Executive / Staff Training

From group workshops to sales objectives, motivation, promotions, one-on-one problem-solving, marketing, sales, advertising, layout and design, editorial, circulation and human resources. We have the expertise to help you and your staff achieve your goals.