Company Profile

Kevin B. Kamen, President/CEO

Kamen & Company Group Services is a worldwide print-media appraisal & broadcast brokerage and advisory firm with offices located in Uniondale, New York and Tampa, Florida.

Our internationally recognized publishing organization was formed to fill the demand for practical knowledge and hands-on experience specifically in the newspaper, shopper, magazine, broadcast, tech, video game, and book publishing-driven industry. Our commitment to the success of the industry is demonstrated with all of our clients. We work with and value the goals of each project Рsmall, medium or large. As a full service organization serving publishers and ownership groups, Kamen & Co. is qualified to provide complete publishing consultation and management services in the areas of: appraisals to seek current market value, formal business plans, feasibility/market analysis, executive and employee training, operating/business analysis, construction, project administration, planning and development, concept and design and brokering/negotiations.

The success Kamen & Co. has enjoyed since its establishment many years ago is based upon one fundamental principle: know the industry! We make it our business to always be current on trends, economic influences, state-of-the-art advances and, most importantly, what you as a publishing executive require. We also work diligently to discover what your readers want and expect from your publication. It is the Kamen & Co. philosophy to ensure that the highest standards of quality and professionalism are integrated into every stage of an assignment or project: feasibility analysis, staff and product development, operations planning and management.

Our staff is a highly knowledgeable, creative and caring team. Vastly experienced within the industry, the Kamen & Co. team is capable of meeting every client need. We provide the perspective of practitioners … not theorists. This practical, hands-on experience makes a significant difference in the successful outcome of our clients’ projects.

Confidential consultation and management capabilities allow Kamen & Co. to provide a wide scope of services, designed specifically for each client. Depending upon the client’s need, we can act as independent publishing appraisers for the potential seller or buyer, feasibility analysts, operations planners, brokers, negotiators or management group, or we can participate as an integral part of a specialized consulting team providing customized service.

Kamen & Co. has pioneered the establishment of industry standards for devising and planning the necessary and specific operating programs required for standardized coding procedures of market valuations. Capitalizing on our well-known capability to anticipate financial operating criteria and needs, Kamen & Co. defines, develops and establishes programs and procedural information specifically for each assignment, whether it be developing a better and more efficient circulation operation, creating and structuring a strong display and classified advertising sales team, developing a start-up publication in your region or determining the current value of your products and business as a whole.

Kamen & Co. is an industry leader in imparting knowledge and educating clients to plan, develop and implement successful programs and procedural formats. We have proudly developed a powerful network of suppliers and industry experts who are respected for the quality of their products and the extent of their expertise. These professional relationships provide a network of support and efficiencies that are necessary to plan and execute successful projects.

To properly critique and stay abreast of today’s ever changing, highly competitive, high tech print media environment, Kamen & Co. maintains a complete databank that provides up-to-date industry information. We are able to base financial decisions, provide qualified forecasting and determine operating assumptions with complete confidence.

Kamen & Co. has become a leader in the publishing industry because we approach each appraisal and project with vitality and a commitment to excellence. Every success, whether large or small, strengthens the industry as a whole. It is important that we sustain solid industry growth for established publications and, also, for those individuals/companies who want to engage themselves in the exciting world of print media for the first time. Our staff is prepared and willing to work cooperatively with you to achieve each goal, step by step.