Prediction: No More Saturday ‘Newsday’

Feb 13 2009 10:32AM EST

By Jeffrey Bercovici

Prediction: No More Saturday ‘Newsday’

Could Saturday soon cease to be a Newsday on Long Island? Media appraiser Kevin Kamen thinks it will, predicting that Cablevision will cease publishing a Saturday edition of the paper to save money. “By cutting out a Saturday edition Cablevision could quickly realize a savings across the board, be able to further eliminate editorial and production positions and essentially streamline costs that help their profit margins,” he writes.

Increasingly, this sort of thing is being considered at those newspapers that aren’t shutting down altogether. The Detroit News and Free Press recently limited home delivery to the three most profitable days of the week, forcing readers who want to buy the paper on other days to trek to the newsstand for a scaled-down edition.

Cablevision bought Newsday for $650 million just last year, but has already been forced to write down its value by more than half.